Coldie Decentral Eyes Ascended


A conceptual expansion of the original Coldie gallery space featuring an experiential journey displaying Coldie’s Ascended DecentralEyes artworks. It follows the story of death and rebirth, fear of the unknown, and of trust and growth.

Async x Mona gallery templates


A triptych of template galleries designed to exhibit the work of Async artists. The three spaces each provide a different setting for artists to find something that most suits their style.

Async Music Blueprints Space


An immersive virtual nightclub and event space for Async’s Music Blueprints platform. Opened with a launch party featuring Maelstrom.

Coldie x Async x Mona Decentral Eyes Gallery


A collaboration with NFT art OG Coldie and Async Art to create a virtual gallery for Coldie’s Decentral Eyes collection.

Cloud Point


A dynamic, customisable, and reactive space for virtual performances made from tiny, ever-changing points of light.

Year One

2022 was a super cool year for work and personal development. In October I put together this showreel for a talk at ETHLisbon with the Mona team. The presentation focused on my journey as a freelance designer and artist, and the experience was easily one of the best moments of the last 12 months. It felt Year One

The Sanctorium


Filecoin Forum $30k Build Bounty grand prize winner in the ‘Classical Architecture’ category.

The Sanctorium is an immersive virtual environment reimagining what classical architecture means in context of the Metaverse.