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Design by Mocha: A socially concious design company

I’m excited. You should get excited. Upon collaborating with fellow website designer Andrew Boyd, we have formed a socially concious web design company. Design by Mocha is designed to provide the same quality I give every client, and at the same time help charities and non-profits around the globe. We wanted to create a design business that not only servesRead the Rest…


Basic guide to SEO

There are two main components to SEO: how well optimized is your own website and how many sites link back to you. The latter component relies heavily on the quality of your content, marketing, and social media connections. All of those things take time to develop, and are often beyond your direct control. I’ll discuss what you should be doingRead the Rest…


3 Reasons not to use Internet Explorer

While Internet Explorer (IE) does serve its purpose, it has some major issues which web designers and web surfers have both struggled with for practically a decade. Here are a few of those problems: 1. Security Internet Explorer has an enormous amount of security flaws. Surfing the web in IE can open your computer up to viruses, adware, spyware, andRead the Rest…


How to start your e-commerce site

With so many e-commerce how-to guides online, I decided to write my own. This post is aimed at explaining what your options are to sell your products online. Not all online stores are created equal. Neither in cost, or appearance. It’s important to know what your goals are. Here are a few questions to help you in getting started. HowRead the Rest…


Facebook trumps Google in traffic

This is a few months old, but The Washington Post wrote a nice article about Facebook passing Google as the most visited site on the web. This quote seemed particularly appropriate: “We’re moving from a Google-centric Web to a people-centric Web” Read the full article here


Social Media Starter Guide

There are a lot of reasons for getting into social media, but a lot of people aren’t sure just how to start. This guide is here to give you some basic information regarding social media. There are many  great social media networks, but not all will apply to your business, venture, project, etc. Here are some of the most popularRead the Rest…


Website design VS. Website development

A lot of clients come to me for a complete website package. This is great, since I love being able to manage all aspects of a client’s project. One confusion that can arise, however, is understanding the difference between website designers and website developers. A website designer tends to be a jack-of-all-trades, but his primary skills lie in visual designRead the Rest…


What is a CMS, and do you need it?

A Content Management System (CMS) sounds complicated; it isn’t. Basically, if you want to update your content on your own, you are asking for a CMS. There are many out there–some simpler than others, but they basically take the technical side out of managing a website. Instead of going through a webmaster, you can use your own web browser andRead the Rest…


Website Domains & Hosting Explained

A lot of clients come to me for a complete package. This usually means that they want a website, but are unsure where to start. Every website, no matter how small, is going to need at least these two things: A domain name Website hosting A domain name is simple. My domain name is “”. Google uses “”. It isRead the Rest…


What you need to know before getting a quote

As a designer, I need to know a number of things before I can give a quote. Here are some of the most basic and direct questions I will frequently ask: How large is the site? For this question, I am thinking in terms of pages. If you want to have a homepage, a contact page, some information about yourRead the Rest…

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