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Design by Mocha: A socially concious design company

I’m excited. You should get excited. Upon collaborating with fellow website designer Andrew Boyd, we have formed a socially concious web design company. Design by Mocha is designed to provide the same quality I give every client, and at the same time help charities and non-profits around the globe. We wanted to create a design business that not only serves clients, but also serves those in need. We currently give a percentage of our normal profits to charitable causes, and are also looking to sponsor budding non-profits that are in need of websites. We are based in Charlottesville, VA and are happy to work with clients world-wide. We’re a two-man design shop, so don’t worry–your project will still get the individual attention it deserves. If you’re looking for high-quality design and a company that cares, check out Design by Mocha.

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