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Website Domains & Hosting Explained

A lot of clients come to me for a complete package. This usually means that they want a website, but are unsure where to start. Every website, no matter how small, is going to need at least these two things:

  1. A domain name
  2. Website hosting

A domain name is simple. My domain name is “”. Google uses “”. It is simply the name of your site. These are cheap, and cost about $10 per year. Most companies that sell domain names also sell hosting, but it is a much better idea to find a good HOSTING company, and then purchase your domain through your hosting company.

Paying for website hosting is like renting an office. It is the place where your website exists. It is a small amount of server space where we put your website. Hosts charge anywhere from $3/ month to $300 / month, depending on your needs. Most of my small business clients have reliable hosting and pay between $5/ month and $13/ month. The kind of site you intend to run determines the cost range of your hosting. If you are unsure about what kind of server you need, or what features your site is going to require, it’s a good idea to talk to your designer before buying hosting.

I refer most of my clients to HostGator, since they use wind power instead of coal, and they have the most reliable service I have found.

There are many other good hosts out there, but also many bad ones. Non-US residents will want to buy hosting from companies that are close to their target demographic. If you want to sell products to Germans, don’t host with a server based inĀ  California. Get a German host, and your customers will have a much quicker load time.

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