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What you need to know before getting a quote

As a designer, I need to know a number of things before I can give a quote. Here are some of the most basic and direct questions I will frequently ask:

How large is the site?

For this question, I am thinking in terms of pages. If you want to have a homepage, a contact page, some information about your company, and a page with photos of your employees, that is a total of 4 pages. If you have 20 employees, and want a personal bio page on each one, your total may be 24 pages. For an e-commerce site, I will want to know how many informational pages (contact page, shipping info, frequently asked questions) there will be, and how many products you intend to sell (roughly).

Do you want a Content Management System (CMS)?

Usually, the answer is yes. A content management system allows you to update your site and control the content without paying me (or anyone) for maintenance. The CMS allows you to edit text, post news, insert & edit pictures, and much more. Unless your site requires virtually no updating, it makes sense to pay a little extra and have this feature built in. It may save you a headache in the long run.

What is the nature of the site?

Is it a photography portfolio? A t-shirt store? An informational site for your small business? Each of these sites are designed and coded differently and require different amounts of work.

Will you be selling products? How many products?

E-commerce sites take more work to create than almost any other site. If you intend to sell three different products, there is no need for a full-featured shopping cart. A simple (and cheap) solution will work better and will quickly connect your customers with the product. If you intend to sell hundreds of products, we will set up a different solution that caters to the display of multiple categories, products, and information.

Ready to get started?
Once you have a basic outline for your site, you can send me the details for an accurate quote. I will also be happy to answer any additional questions regarding your project.

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